As Mother Nature finally smiles upon us and the weather gets better by the day, I travel thru Clarington and see the many golfers hitting the links! As our bodies limber up from the grueling winter and we walk with a spring in our step, we begin to think about the task at hand…our 8th Annual “In The Face of an Angel” Golf  for Ovarian Cancer and raising funds for our Outreach and research programs. Since the inception of this tournament in memory of my Mom, Bernice, we have raised a lot of money for the “Cause” and all of you can be so very proud of this!

Many of you know my sister who has battled Breast Cancer this year(and so far is doing great) has decided to pick up some clubs and enter the tournament as a player and I am so proud of her for that! So when you see her duffing along, be patient, she is just getting started at the game and I have no doubt she will have a lot of fun and make a lot of great memories along the way!

You all should know that Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer are linked and we must do whatever we can to help eradicate it in our lifetime. This successful tournament will help us do that, I am sure!

Our Great Sponsors have come back another year and without them, we could not do what we do so when you see their names make a mental note and when you see them in the Community, thank them….it will go a long way to show them that you noticed they continue to help us be successful each and every year with our donation to the “Cause”

We currently have 8 spots left so if you or our friends would like to join us go to our website at and register NOW! These spots will not stay available forever so do it now while you think about it!

Looking forward to seeing you all there on May 27th at Pebblestone Golf Course, Courtice! Get ready to Tee Off for Ovarian Cancer NOW!

Enjoy this wonderful day in the sunshine! and I will see you all soon!