In the Face Of An Angel Golf Tournament, helping to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer.

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Well ladies. T- off is imminent! An hour and a half we will hit the links and raise a ton of dough for Ovarian Cancer Research and Outreach Programs!

With our 40 special ladies and the sunshine over Stonehenge Golf Course we are ready to go and so looking forward to this special day! Raising funds for this very worthy cause in memory of my Mom, Bernice. In 8 short years we have raised over $83,000 and many of these special ladies have played since our first tournament. Many of our sponsors have been with us since day one and even some of the volunteers keep coming back. Our new volunteers have seen how great this tournament is and do their utmost to make this even more successful than ever. Thank you to Sherry at Stonehenge for going above and beyond what we had hoped for…

Our special thanks to Evergreen Farm and Lawn Ltd for providing us with the Hole in One prize of $3500 in golf gift cards and Swag…which includes $500 of the same for her team mates…Go get it ladies…I know you can do this!

All of our sponsors are special and I want to thank them for all they do!

See you on the course…stay tuned for the results!

Well Tom Brown says the weather will be sunny and dry with a high of 18…great golfing weather! Sherry, Mgr of Stonehenge is busy firming up the menu and it sounds delish! I know you will be happy with the selection she has put together. All in all it looks like we will have a great day on Sunday the 26th!

We are still looking for a few golfers so if you have any clout with your friends please let me know and bring them along …the winner will be Ovarian Cancer! I am sure some of you will come through for us to fill our roster and insure our spot for Stonehenge for our 10th Annual tournament next year (2020)

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday! Tee off is at 9 am sharp so get there by 8:30 a.m. See you then!

The Honourable Bill Morneau, Canada’s Minister of Finance rose in the House of Commons today at 4pm EDT to table the 2019 Federal Budget. Here is an excerpt that relates to Ovarian Cancer, a cause we have put our hearts and souls into for the past 9 years…way to go ladies!!

A quote from Cailey one of our Ovarian Cancer Canada Spokeswomen sent to me this afternoon “Ovarian Cancer Canada together with people like you – for leading scientists, people living with ovarian cancer and their loved ones – has been urging federal decision-makers to provide an immediate and additional research investment of $10 million. Together we have advocated for an investment that would support a more coordinated approach to research in the areas of experimental models, treatments, and clinical trials, thus paving the way for new and significant medical breakthroughs for women affected.”

Liberal MP Kim Rudd’s office has let me know it is $10 million dollars over 5 yeas and MP Rudd who is a huge supporter of Ovarian Cancer Canada is I am sure, as exited as I am and over the moon with this announcement! I must say…it has been a long journey for those of us that have been lobbying our levels of government, attending Ottawa and speaking to the Federal MP’s from all sides of the house.. To them I want to say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

Thank you to MP Rudd and her office staff and to Elisabeth Baugh, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada and the staff and volunteers at Ovarian Cancer Canada for your tireless and relentless work for the Cause…truly ladies with LADY BALLS!

Onward and upward from here!!

Good afternoon all!

We have confirmation that we will be playing our 9th Annual In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament for the 3rd year at Pebblestone Golf Course, 1550 Pebblestone Rd, Courtice on May 26th, 2019! Thank you Kate and Paul Sobil for once again agreeing to host this very meaningful tournament!

Details will be posted as they are firmed up but right now I ask that you circle the date, May 26th and then stay tuned for more details! I am currently working with Ovarian Cancer Canada so that our webpage will be able to accept donations online through them and they will provide the tax receipt over $20.00

Please tell your relatives, friends and neighbours, and with their help maybe we can top our donations of last year!

Looking forward to hearing from you all….soon…

Good morning all!

Things are moving along and we are getting great silent auction items for the fundraising we do! I have to thank all the businesses that have been so generous and donated these great items!

Our sponsors have been most generous again this year and they are forever in our hearts! Pebblestone Golf Course, in Courtice, is busy preparing for us and anxious to host this tournament for the second year! We thank you Kate and Paul Sobil!

There have been some issues at the course so we will be unable to have our “after the game luncheon”at Pebblestone Golf so we have rented a room at the Garnet B. Rickard Complex in Bowmanville and Sandy is busy preparing all the silent auction items we have to date so she will be able to transport them all in her very organized fashion! I think you will be thrilled at the vast selection of great items we have this year!

We are still looking for 2 teams so if you know of any ladies that would like to come and golf to support this very worthy cause PLEASE have them contact us at and register. I would hate to have to reconsider this tournament after 8 years as it means so much to the so many who benefit from the money raised for research and the outreach programs!

I will be posting more frequent to give you all an update as we are getting close now and I look forward to seeing you all there! In the meantime…keep smilin’


As Mother Nature finally smiles upon us and the weather gets better by the day, I travel thru Clarington and see the many golfers hitting the links! As our bodies limber up from the grueling winter and we walk with a spring in our step, we begin to think about the task at hand…our 8th Annual “In The Face of an Angel” Golf  for Ovarian Cancer and raising funds for our Outreach and research programs. Since the inception of this tournament in memory of my Mom, Bernice, we have raised a lot of money for the “Cause” and all of you can be so very proud of this!

Many of you know my sister who has battled Breast Cancer this year(and so far is doing great) has decided to pick up some clubs and enter the tournament as a player and I am so proud of her for that! So when you see her duffing along, be patient, she is just getting started at the game and I have no doubt she will have a lot of fun and make a lot of great memories along the way!

You all should know that Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer are linked and we must do whatever we can to help eradicate it in our lifetime. This successful tournament will help us do that, I am sure!

Our Great Sponsors have come back another year and without them, we could not do what we do so when you see their names make a mental note and when you see them in the Community, thank them….it will go a long way to show them that you noticed they continue to help us be successful each and every year with our donation to the “Cause”

We currently have 8 spots left so if you or our friends would like to join us go to our website at and register NOW! These spots will not stay available forever so do it now while you think about it!

Looking forward to seeing you all there on May 27th at Pebblestone Golf Course, Courtice! Get ready to Tee Off for Ovarian Cancer NOW!

Enjoy this wonderful day in the sunshine! and I will see you all soon!


Ladies, what better way than to come out and enjoy a day of GOLF while raising funds to make a difference in the fight against Ovarian Cancer?

Come join us for the 8th Annual In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament being held at Pebblestone Golf Course in Courtice, this May 27th! Tee off will be at 10:30 and it will be a Shotgun Start! Lots of great silent auction items and prizes to look forward to.

Our sponsors are once again coming on board! At this time I want to thank the Municipality of Clarington, Syvan Developments, Halminen Corporation, The Old Newcastle House, Algoma Orchards, Veridian, Walsh’s SNUG, East Oshawa Animal Hospital, Gay Construction, Kaitlin Developments Ltd , for their continued support! Without your continued support none of this would be able to take place! Also the many donors for the wonderful silent auction items. These truly are a bonus allowing us to continue to increase our donations to Ovarian Cancer Canada for research and development! In The Face of an Angel has truly made a difference with this continued support!

So bring your sisters, your Mom, and your best friends to have an afternoon of laughs and golf while raising the much needed funds for this worthy cause!

Contact us at and make that committment! If you can’t play, please make a donation. You will be glad you did!


2015 In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer 056Don’t miss out on the 8th Annual In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer! If you haven’t registered you need to do that if you want a spot to play in the only women’s only golf tournament around!

If you are not able to play please make a donation today to help with Ovarian Cancer Outreach and Research! I can’t tell you how important this is for us to help make a difference to so many.

We are playing once again at the great Pebblestone Golf Course in Courtice and only playing 9 holes! We are gathering many unique silent auction items that will be there for you to bid generously on and once again meet your friends and acquaintances that you only meet at  this fun event. There are many prizes to take home so come on get those clubs out, dust them off and start swinging!

Game Day, In the Face of An Angel Golf Tournament

Truly the face of an Angel

The reason I am here! Who is your reason? Let’s make it count in 2018!



Hello Ladies! 

I need to point out that this years tournament has a cut off date of May 7th for anyone to register to play! Please get your registrations in early to avoid disappointment! There can be no exceptions to this as I have to totally commit to Pebblestone Golf and will not be allowed to alter the numbers past this date. As you know it’s easier than ever this year by e-transferring your registration fee to Check out the website for the link. Don’t forget to tell your neighbours and friends to donate online. The Donation Page is set up through Ovarian Cancer Canada and is totally secure. Please encourage them to be generous. Ovarian Cancer Canada will send the receipt directly to the donor for income tax purposes.

I look forward to hitting the links and raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Canada for the Outreach and Research Programs. We are definitely making a difference! You can be so proud of that!

Hello everyone! We have just confirmed that we have once again secured Pebblestone Golf Course in Courtice for our 8th Annual Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament! Kate Sobil, owner of Pebblestone Golf, and I have been in touch and firmed up the course rental and are preparing to sit down and finalize all the details! I hope you are as excited as I am!

In the past 7 years we have raised $73,285.00 for Ovarian Cancer Research and Outreach! Give yourselves a pat on your backs as without you we would never be able to achieve all we have. I am so proud of what we have been able to do with such a small “family”of golfers!  To our sponsors as well, Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to say!

Ovarian Cancer Canada, Pebblestone Golf Club and us have worked out the “kink’s we ran into last year and hope to have smooth sailing this time round. With banking made so much easier you will be able to use your credit cards or debit this year for all your silent auction items right at the course as we have SQUARE set up for both so we are good to go!

CIRCLE the date! May 27th, tee off time will be 10:30 a.m. 1/2 hour earlier than last year so please make a note of that…watch for more updates coming out and be sure to tell your friends and relatives to donate online through our secure website and start the ball rolling won’t you? Ovarian Cancer Canada and I will thank you and so will all the recipients of our donations!

Thanks to the Municipality of Clarington for being our first sponsor of the year!

We can now add ….

Syvan Developments 

The Old Newcastle House Tap and Grill

Halminen Building Corp(Courtice)

Thank you kindly! It will help to go a long way We will spend it wisely to help us raise funds for this dreaded disease!

Until next time…keep smiling!

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