In the Face Of An Angel Golf Tournament, helping to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer.

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Hello Ladies! 

I need to point out that this years tournament has a cut off date of May 7th for anyone to register to play! Please get your registrations in early to avoid disappointment! There can be no exceptions to this as I have to totally commit to Pebblestone Golf and will not be allowed to alter the numbers past this date. As you know it’s easier than ever this year by e-transferring your registration fee to Check out the website for the link. Don’t forget to tell your neighbours and friends to donate online. The Donation Page is set up through Ovarian Cancer Canada and is totally secure. Please encourage them to be generous. Ovarian Cancer Canada will send the receipt directly to the donor for income tax purposes.

I look forward to hitting the links and raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Canada for the Outreach and Research Programs. We are definitely making a difference! You can be so proud of that!

Well Ladies we have done it again! The 5th Annual In The Face of an Angel has had another successful year! We have hit the $8,000 mark and I hope that the online donations will continue to come in. Thank you to all who have donated, sponsored and played in this great little tournament in memory of my Mom, Bernice. Mom would be so proud to see this tournament building every year and all proceeds going to Ovarian Cancer Canada for the Research and Outreach as they are doing. Ovarian Cancer Canada tells me, we are the little tournament that could and has come through for them every year!

I want to thank the Municipality of Clarington’s Social Committee, Veridian, Algoma Orchards, The Old Newcastle House, Janice Parish-Royal Service, Covanta, Brightstar Newcastle Group, Palmieri’s No Frills, IBW Surveyors Inc.,Gay Construction, Kaitlin Corporation, Shoppers Drug Mart-Newcastle, Syvan Developments, St. Mary’s Cement, Walsh’s SNUG, Dee’s Harvest Table, The Castle Cellar, Tim Horton’s Orono/Newcastle, Ann Harley, Ron Hooper and of course I can’t forget those who donated to the silent auction table with the great items we had there and the great prizes! Those generous people include Bill Bath Painting, Shelley Rivers-Regal, East Oshawa Animal Hospital, Jen Cooke, Mill Valley Trophies-Cobourg, Boots&Hearts, Tara Watchorn, Archibald Winery, The Hamptons, Karen Ellis-Inspirational Designs, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, Stutts Pharmacy, Dr. K. Klawitter Chiropractic-Newcastle, Peter&Ann Harley, Bowmanville Zoo, Rona Hardware, Roka Timbr-Mart, Hair with Flair, Terrens Wellness, Orono Cafe, Firehouse Bistro, OPG-Jen Knox, Bruce Ellis, The Glass Slipper, CIMA, CBOT, The Garden Path-Orono, Holiday Inn-Bowmanville, Orono Weekly Times, Apple Blossom Shop, Curves-Newcastle, Our Valley View B&B, Jo-Lin Station B&B, The Massey House, Central Counties Tourism, Orono Co-op, Don’s Auto-Newcastle, Granville Anderson MPP, 1 Stop Alpaca Farm! For without you this tournament would not exist! Thank you does not seem like it will ever be enough!

Surprising to me was our pair of BOOTS&HEARTS tickets for the Country Show coming up in August this year did not sell so we decided to put them out there for a bid from the public with all monies going directly to Ovarian Cancer Canada. This was a value of $598.00 and through the efforts of a great friend they sold for $450! Everyone wins! Ovarian Cancer and Kelli Ann Edgar and Michael Holmes who I am sure will really have a blast! Thank you Kelli Ann and Michael!!

The weather this year was rough to say the least! It was cold and drizzly like an early November day as the pix will show…the ladies were troopers though and of the 46 signed to play, 39  ended up golfing…those were the hearty ones, the real troopers! Moe and Betty, owners of Ayren Links Golf were real sports as Moe took over the putting contest spot when Councillor Woo had to leave for another event and Councillor Hooper stood out in the rain while the ladies, protected under their golf carts competed in the chipping contest.What a trooper Ron is! Even giving them pointers to help them out.

Volunteers! Wow what can I say about my volunteers?  Donna Metcalf Woo on the registration table had a few glitches but sorted the golfers out and everyone got off to a great and Tim Bit in hand!

Karin Cashin on the refreshment station cut up all our snacks, like a good Mom would,  so we could grab and go as she provided our water along with fruit, two-bite brownies and fruit loaf spending her time outside altho under the patio, I am sure she was still cold!

Lisa Roy, our photographer, bombed around in a golf cart, taking pictures of the ladies at every turn. I bet she wished she had had windshield wipers on that cart she was driving! We’ve got some good shots in spite of the weather too!

Back at Archibald’s Winery, where Fred and Sandy Archibald were so generous to donate their facility for the “after golfing” event, were Sandy, Pat, Kris, Donna, Lisa, Sandy and Fred were busy setting up the silent auction items and the tables for the meal while Dee’s Harvest Table were busy setting up the food for the cold and hungry ladies as they came in to continue the festivities. Once again, Dee’s hot buffet was a knock out! Fantastic food and unbelievable dessert! Thanks to Diana and her team!

A special Thank You to Vicki Cowle, who stayed to help us do the clean up and after a long day that extra pair of hands was worth more than we can ever say! Thanks Vicki!

All in all it was a great day! We raised so far just over $8,000 with a couple of outstanding items I am still hoping to sell. I have a load of Grade A Gravel from Dufferin Aggregates that they will deliver anywhere in Clarington that would be great for someones driveway or to fill in where you need it in your existing driveway. It is worth $600 so a good bid and it will be yours!

And to the winning team who this year were Althea Chaffey, Cindy Dekking, Eudora Nesbitt and Debbie Dunham with a best ball score or 34…great job ladies! I’ll do my best to get the trophies engraved and to you before we tee off next year! I promise!2015 In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer 386

Avery Morris joined us from Ovarian Cancer Canada for the meal and prize presentations before she had to head back to Toronto to tell everyone back at “headquarters” just how great our “In The Face of an Angel” Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament is! Avery, thanks for coming and we hope you enjoyed your time with us! Hope we see you back next year!

2015 In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer 378The Online Donations will be left open through the website and monitored by Ovarian Cancer Canada so please feel free to have your friends, family and neighbours donate online. Wouldn’t it be great if we could close out the year with a $10,000 donation!

So ladies, thank you once again for being there! You are really true friends and troopers to have come and played in what was definitely not our best year for weather. Mother Nature’s wrath did not deter us, for we are a group that is undeterable! Hope to see you May 29, 2016!



I just wanted to once again say THANK YOU!! to all of you who braved the elements and hung in there to play in our 5th Annual In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament! You truly are troopers who play for the CAUSE!

I have to say how upset I was when I realized I had not thanked my good friend, Jackie Foxall of The Castle Cellar, Newcastle for donating the lunch wine for all you ladies to enjoy! Once again, Jackie goes to the wall for our tournament and does so without hesitation. I really don’t even need to ask her to help, she just does…Jackie is just one of those amazing ladies! We are so glad she is so dedicated to this CAUSE and we have her on our TEAM! If you get a chance to go into The Castle Cellar stop by and say hi to Jackie, she always has the time to chat with you no matter how busy she might be!

Today was an awesome day! Yes, it was cold and rainy and the true winners of the day were Ovarian Cancer Canada! Ovarian Cancer Canada has no government funding for its work and relies heavily on people like you and me to do our part raising funds for their Research and Outreach Programs. Avery Morris, one of Ovarian Cancers 2 Fundraising Chair persons in all of Canada, came to show their gratitude and to meet one of the greatest fundraising teams they have raising money for them.  Something we can’t stop doing until their really is a cure for Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian Cancer Canada would like to start an outreach support group right here in Clarington as there is none at the moment and one is needed desperately. I would like to help with getting this off the ground for them to move forward with this much needed group!

Avery was impressed by how committed all the ladies that were there  today were to this cause and for that I thank all of you once again! I only hope that this years weather did not put anyone off for raising much needed awareness and funds for next year! Yes, there is going to be a next year and I am committed to raising even more funds.

After this year, and having to change venues to Ayren Links Golf, we have different challenges to overcome but Moe and Betty are willing to work with us and help make this even more successful next year so I am sure we can work out the “kinks” and make that happen…I just hope we can count on you to return and maybe even bring your friends. Not many courses will close to other business in order to have a tournament take place on a Sunday, but Moe and Betty did just that and for Charity are willing to take us on again. Keep it in mind…you’ll be hearing more from me as we get closer but remember this…the 6th Annual In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer will take place in 2016 somewhere in Clarington on MAY 29th and that is  the actual date my Mom passes away on what will be her 8th anniversary.

Sandy and Fred Archibald of Archibald’s Estate Winery have offered to let us come back to their location to have our dinner, silent auction and wind up once again…it can’t get much better than that!

The online donation key will remain active and in place on our site so if you can pass the word to everyone you know to donate even a few dollars 2015 could be a banner year for us all involved with the 5th Annual In The Face of an Angel. Can you help make that happen by telling everyone to go to and making that donation? Challenge your work colleagues, your family and friends and see who can “beat” who…I dare you!

I will be posting the pictures and updating from this years tournament in a couple of days, once we have worked out all the details, for all of you to enjoy and maybe even chuckle over the antics of your team and others.

Stay tuned…and thanks again for a wonderful day!

Until next time…..


Ayren Links Promo Photo

Hello again, Ladies…Well we’re coming together very quickly this year and maybe that is because we are all so tired of WINTER we can’t wait to get the clubs out, dusted off and on the links again! I’m here praying for sunshine and great weather so we can all enjoy another wonderful day playing in our 5th Annual “In The Face of an Angel” Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament!

Registrations are filling up and if you are contemplating whether to play or not please don’t wait too long to get your registration and payment in as it will be those that have paid that will be sure of a spot.

Sponsors are coming forward to help us with our Silent Auction Table and also funding to help us host this tournament and we could not be more grateful. Thank you!!! Seems like so little to say when we are filled with such gratitude to all of you. If you feel you would like to help out please do not hesitate to contact me.

Moe is revving up the carts making sure all are in good working order…So ladies, don’t forget…take the time to get your clubs out and hit the driving range! It won’t be long before it is May 31st and we will all be gathered around the greens sharing our many winter stories and making memories once again with another wonderful fundraising event for Ovarian Cancer Research and Outreach Programs.

2015FOAFinit2 (1)


My team and I are working hard gathering sponsors and silent auction items for the most special tournament I will play in this season. I guess some might say, I am a little biased. However, things are coming together and looking like this will be another fantastic day at Cider House Golf Course  for “In The Face of an Angel” Golf for Ovarian Cancer in memory of my Mom.
We’re so excited about these tickets from Boots & Hearts we asked for clarification and here is what these tickets will get you….this is almost unbelievable…too good to be true! These tickets will get you access to the Premium Area which include a number of amenities including complimentary snacks, lounge areas, complimentary mini-massages, private bathrooms, bullpen access to front of stage and premium viewing areas to the main stage.
Food vendors and bar service will be provided on a cash basis in this area and these stations are only available to those with premium passes so line-ups will be nominal.
Just to clarify, and put this into perspective, the value of $1,300 is for a pair of Premium Tickets and General Admission tickets sold out at the price point of $269.99 plus taxes and services per ticket, so a more accurate comparison in costs is a pair of General Admission tickets at approximately $650 in value to a pair of Premium tickets at $1,300.
 Currently on kijji one general admission ticket is being sold by others as high as $800 per ticket so using them as part of our silent auction we hope they will generate a great donation to In The Face of an Angel Golf for Ovarian Cancer! How great would that be!  And just think, you ladies can help make this happen! What a great feeling would be eh? Smiles all around!
Registration has now opened up as we have a few more spots left so let your friends know what a great time they will have, what great prizes they will receive and what great silent auction items are up for grabs!
We are on the eve of one month to go and counting…excitement is building ….get those clubs out ladies, it’s almost tee time!!

The organizers of our 4th Annual “In The Face of an Angel” Golf for Ovarian Cancer are kicking into high gear and getting ready for 2014  driving it to be more successful than ever! Sponsors are coming on board to help out and the volunteers are busy gathering up the donations as we speak! The prizes are getting better and the wine will be ready for all to enjoy. Fred and Sandy Archibald are busy readying the golf course after this long and arduous winter and we all know the golf course is where we need to be to get rid of those winter blues! The place where we  can laugh, golf and spend time with our friends while fundraising for the fight against the #1 killer of women, Ovarian Cancer…..

So ladies if you haven’t yet signed up…go to and download your registration form. Get it in to the tournament organizers and get your golf clubs ready! Be quick…we can only have 44 golfers!

Hope to see you there!

Wine tasting with Fred Archibald  Wow all I can say THANK YOU!!

2013 was a huge success!! Thank you ladies, for without you our golf tournament “In The Face Of An Angel” would not take place! This year we raised a whopping $8315 to go directly to Ovarian Cancer for research and development. This brings our total donations including our online donations for this tournament to $18,915 in 3 short years!!


…and a special THANK YOU to our sponsors!

Gay Construction,Veridian Covanta, Clarington Tourism, Craft Development Newcastle Recycling, Clarington Social Committee, Kostiuk Dentistry, No Frills-Newcastle, Hoopers Jewellers, Clarington Board of Trade, Stutts Pharmacy, Orono Co-op, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, Municipality of Clarington, Tim Horton’s, Roka Lumber, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Hair with Flair, Apple Blossom Shop, Terrens Wellness, Shoppers Drug Mart-Newcastle, Rona Hardware, Curves Newcastle, East Oshawa Animal Hospital, Dufferin Aggregates/Holcim, Newcastle Funeral Home, Morris Funeral Home, Channel 12-Elaine Garnett, MacDonald’s-Newcastle, BMO Private Banking-Carolyn Woodward, Willie & Donna Woo, Stone Henge Golf, Walsh’s SNUG, Dan’s Custom Clubs, Bill Bath, Village Card & Gift Shop, Dee’s Harvest Table, The Cellar Cask, A Gift of Art, Newcastle Tap ‘n Grill, Don’s Auto, The Garden Path, Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic, Orono Cafe, Archibald Winery & Cider House Golf, The Hamptons-Newcastle, LoveAbounds Petsitting, CIBC-Orono, Stephanie Best, Geek Girl Media @geekgirlmedia, Mayor Adrian Foster, Willie & Donna Woo, Ron & Joan Hooper, Don’s Auto-Newcastle, Inspirational Designs-Kendal, Canadian Tire-Cobourg, The Couch’s, just to name a few…the complete list is on the website. Please go there and check it out!

To the volunteers that helped out organizing and making sure it went well, I thank you! You all know who you are. Willie and Ron, what can I say…without you both the day would not have been complete……….and to all those special “Angels” who donated online to “In The Face Of An Angel” through my “In the Face of an Angel” website to help in the fight against Ovarian Cancer…GOD BLESS YOU!!!

The day started of with us all wondering if we were going to get rain that usually threatens at that time of year but Mother Nature smiled upon us once again and we sent volunteer Ron Hooper to the chipping contest location and volunteer Willie Woo to the putting contest location and off we went to our individual holes to start the tournament.

Fred Archibald, had done a fantastic job preparing Cider House Golf Course for us, the fairways and greens were lovely, the sun was shining, we couldn’t ask for better conditions. Many memories, much laughter and even a fun round of golf was had.

Dees Dee’s Harvest Table once again catered the event and did a                           fabulous job! The food was delicious and so much to be had, thank goodness the ladies were hungry and many went for seconds. A compliment to any Chef!

Catherine Argiropoulous of Ovarian Cancer Canada, came again this year and spoke to us about the ways our funds are used in the research and development with Ovarian Cancer Canada and of some of the strides that have been made over the past year. It is great to know our dollars raised help women who can’t otherwise afford the prosthesis necessary, counselling or the have the ability to attend a support group. These are just some of the ways we are helping, there are many more…

A thank you to our  2013 winners!  Stephanie Best, Sandy Best, Bennita Brown, and Linda Kocur! Good job ladies! Your name has made it to the big trophy for 2013 and you should be proud!

So that pretty well sums up  the 2013 “In The Face Of An Angel” Golf for Ovarian Cancer Tournament. This tournament is in memory of my Mom, Bernice who passed away in 2008 of Peritoneal Ovarian Cancer, a rare form of Ovarian Cancer. Mom would be proud of the job we are doing raising funds that will hopefully help so many women in Canada. Mom was a wonderful woman who loved to have fun and I know she will be looking down on us guiding and protecting us all. I know we had a lot of fun and look forward to a fantastic time in 2014!

Hope to see you there!




When? May 27th, 2012….Where? Cider House Golf 6275 Liberty St., N Bowmanville…Time.. Registration 10 am, Shotgun Start at 11 am …Lunch, Prizes and Winetasting!! and wrap up at 3 pm…

2012 "In The Face Of An Angel" Golf for Ovarian Cancer

Come join us!

Coming soon to this location. In the Face of an Angel Golf Tournamen! We raise money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer.

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